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Talking to Your Children About Divorce

divorce lawyer in Orlando FLDivorce is never a word that you plan to speak about in front of your children, but in reality, around 40 to 50% of families in the United States have this conversation each year. It is not an easy conversation to have with your kids regardless of their ages, but it can be done in a loving, cautious way. Here are some tips on talking to your children about divorce, and how to make the conversation go easier for all that are involved.

Speak with the other party in the divorce – While it may not be the most comfortable conversation to have with your kids, you have to speak about the divorce with your former spouse before you deliver the news to your children. Regardless of how you feel in that moment, you must remember that you and your ex-partner are to remain a team when it comes to raising the children, so it is crucial that you be on the same page in delivering this kind of news.

Try to predict what your children will say – If anyone knows your child, it is you and your former spouse. You are more likely to predict how they will react to this news based on their personality type, attachment type, and overall demeanor. Using this to your advantage before discussing the divorce with your children can help you to prepare for what questions they might have or what they might say afterward. This will help you tailor the delivery to your children personally and allow them to express themselves freely to the news.

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