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Do You Need a Green Card or an Immigrant Visa to Live in the US?

New US Citizens

If you aren’t a U.S. citizen, living legally in the country will require some form of documentation. For most people, that means a Permanent Resident (Green) Card or an immigrant visa. Which one you need depends on your current situation, but you have options to protect your rights.

For those already in the U.S. and with eligibility, the Green Card is the right way to go. By filing for an adjustment of status, you won’t have to return to your home country while your case is processed. There are a number of ways to qualify, including:

  • Through Family
  • Through Employment
  • As a Refugee
  • As a Human Trafficking or Crime Victim
  • As a Special Immigrant

If you live outside of the U.S., you’ll need an immigrant visa, which can require several steps. The first one is finding a United States embassy or consulate where you can apply. The application will likely require a sponsor, a medical examination, an interview, and other procedural requirements.

Uncertain about your status or the best steps to take? You may be able to find more information and assistance from a local immigration lawyer in Altamonte Springs, FL. Always follow the steps necessary to remain safe and give yourself the best chance of living legally in the U.S.