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Injuries Caused by Boating Accidents

Boating AccidentsWhen a day out on the water turns into a life-altering injury, a personal injury attorney in Altamonte Springs can make all the difference. But as in all cases, the details matter. Depending on the circumstances of the incident, liability and the potential to recover compensation can change drastically. This is important because many people don’t even realize when they could be entitled to restitution that helps them recover after an accident.


Though only your personal injury attorney can tell you for certain if you have a case strong enough to pursue, you might be surprised to learn about some of the injuries you can seek damages for. Don’t let someone else’s actions or irresponsibility cost you more than they have to. Just a few injuries that might constitute grounds for a case include:


Propeller — Often some of the most damaging accidents, situations involving a propeller can require lifelong treatment.


Run-Over — After fall overboard or swimming in a boat’s path, someone in the water might risk serious head and spinal damage from being run over. Even without a collision, someone going overboard at all is often a sign of negligence.


Slip and Falls — Just like on land, property owners at sea have a responsibility to avoid slipping hazards, since they can lead to all kinds of impact injuries.