Civil Litigation Lawyer in Altamonte Springs, FL

If you have been sued or served with a summons, call us. You have 20 days to answer a summons. We handle general civil litigation, insurance litigation, commercial litigation, and contract litigation matters such as breach of contract.


We strive to reach a resolution to prevent formal legal action. Sometimes legal action is needed, that is where our civil litigation lawyer in Altamonte Springs can help. Whether or not your legal matters lead to the courtroom, we will aggressively, competently, and efficiently represent you. We evaluate every aspect of the matter at hand and assign staffing with the right combination of experience and expertise required to win. We will work with you to define your goals and ensure that you know when litigation is the best option for achieving them.


We represent both businesses and individuals. It is important to select a knowledgeable civil litigation attorney in Altamonte Springs to represent you. When involved in a civil law dispute, having an advocate by your side who will work hard is very important. It is the main goal of my firm to ensure that your voice is heard.

If You Are Served with a Lawsuit, What Do You Do?
Being served with a complaint is never a pleasant experience. However, you must act quickly; if you fail to hire an attorney and respond within 20 days, a default judgment is awarded against you. Do not wait until the last minute. If a plaintiff is awarded a default judgment and there is no way to set it aside, you will become subject to garnishment of wages, attachment, and loss of certain property. There are many available defenses to a lawsuit, and failure to fight them precludes you from asserting such defenses later on. If you are served with a lawsuit, do not hesitate to contact Attorney Jonathan Torres.

Contact us today to speak with a civil litigation lawyer in Altamonte Springs regarding the details of your case. Our lawyers offer services for clients throughout Central Florida.