Child Custody Lawyer in Orlando, FL

Unlike mothers, men often find themselves in situations where they are unsure whether they are the father of a child. Reactions to being identified as a father (or being denied as one) are different for everyone. Some men wish to assert their parental rights if they did father a child. Others need help disputing their alleged identification as fathers of children they do not believe they are responsible for with the help of a child custody lawyer in Orlando, FL.

Asserting Your Paternity
For men who wish to assert their paternal rights in the belief that they have fathered a child in Florida, Attorney Jonathan Torres can help. We represent men in all types of paternity actions, whether you are sure you are the father or not. As your family law attorney in Orlando, FL, we can help you obtain paternity testing, and we can advocate your case in court. Once your paternity is established, we can help you achieve appropriate child support, timesharing, and parental responsibility.

Preserving Paternal Rights
Sadly, for everyone involved, some mothers have put their babies up for adoption without notifying a man they knew or should have known was the baby’s father. Because the father was never told about his child, he could not be said to have consented to give it up for adoption. As you may know, adoptions have been disrupted (even years later) when the biological father of a child was found not to have consented to the adoption. Establishing your paternity rights before a child is even born can help prevent heartbreak for yourself and potential adoptive families. For experienced advice on this topic and other matters related to paternity determination, fathers’ rights and responsibilities, and questions about sperm donors’ rights contact Attorney Jonathan Torres to schedule a consultation by phone or in person.

Disputing Paternity Allegations and Child Support
If you have been served with a Petition to Determine Paternity, you are in a position where a woman is claiming that you are the father of her child and owe support for the child. If you need assistance disputing a claim of paternity, Attorney Jonathan Torres can help.

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