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Understanding the Personal Injury Insurance Claim Process

gavel and legal documentsAfter suffering an injury as a result of a slip-and-fall, car accident, or other personal injury due to negligence, an insurance claim will often be filed in order to compensate you for any type of loss. While the insurance claim process is rather straightforward, it can be daunting and even intimidating for those who have never had to go through it before. To better understand the process, we will use an auto accident as an example of how the claims process is conducted.

Notification of the Incident
After being in involved in a car accident, it is best for all parties to exchange contact information, including names, phone numbers, vehicle ID information, and insurance information. This data will be needed to file a claim with your insurance company.
When you do get in touch with an insurance agent, you will be asked for a statement about the details of the accident, as well as any information about the other driver(s) involved. A claim will then be opened, and an agent will be assigned.

After the notification, an investigation will ensue. The claims adjustor who has been assigned to handle the case will attempt to determine precisely what happened. They may do this by contacting you to request additional information, getting in touch with witnesses, reviewing police reports, and so on.

Negotiation and Payment
Once the claims adjusters have complete their investigation, they will offer a settlement, which is a payment designed to cover any losses you have suffered. However, you are not required to accept it; instead, you may consider negotiating for more. If you are unsuccessful in negotiating a necessary settlement amount with the insurance company, contact a personal injury attorney in Altamonte Springs.