Three Factors Used to Determine Child Custody

cheerful father and son eating breakfastWhile it is impossible to predict precisely how the judge will rule your custody case, it can be safely anticipated that the court has one goal in mind: determining your children’s best interests. To help you win child custody and put the stress of the dispute behind you, here are some factors that you can bet the court will be using to determine their decision.

Your living situation
After a divorce, the parent who stays in the family home is sometimes granted custody of the children because it allows the children stability in their daily lives.

Your relationship with your children before the divorce
If a parent was not especially involved with their children’s lives prior to the divorce, but now has a sudden desire to be their primary caretaker, a judge will likely notice the change of heart. For the children’s best interests, the judge will take some time to evaluate the situation and ensure that the request for custody isn’t being made to “win out” over the other parent.

Your ability to provide
Especially if your child has costly medical needs, or is attending a private school, each parent’s income will likely play a factor in the custody decision.

If you’re going through a child custody battle, it is important to know the laws and how decisions about your custody battle will be made. An excellent way to obtain this information is to reach out to a local child custody lawyer in Orlando, FL, who can explain the details and represent your interest.